When you walk into our showroom – I’m the first to admit – there’s a lot going on. The endless selection of fabrics – all different colours, textures, patterns and price points – it’s like walking into a lolly shop and not knowing what to choose first!

Beautiful window furnishings and upholstery can be created from the traditional to the minimalistic; it’s all about knowing where the hidden gems lie.

So again, taking the “KISS” approach “Keep It Super Simple”; we ask some basic questions to find a starting point, such as:

  • What room are you decorating?
  • How do you want the room to feel / function?
  • Do you have any colour in mind?
  • Are we working with any particular feature in the room?
  • Would you like a feature in the room?

This last question, “Do you want a feature in the room?” will start as the base. Here I’m talking of wallpaper or perhaps a strong paint colour. Wallpaper is making a comeback for interiors today; a fantastic way to add depth and personality to your room. Starting with wallpaper, this will form the base of colour, look and mood of the room. There are many papers to select from with brilliant designs and colours; all to fall in love with.

Perhaps you’ve got a cold lounge room that you want to bring life and depth to. You’d like to transform it to a room that you love to relax in at the end of the day or on a cold winter’s night. You’ve perhaps an old chair or lounge piece that you have loved to death but it needs some repair. Don’t throw it out, let’s look at reupholstering it for you and including the piece in with the new interior.

Mood boards are created with everything in mind. Let’s look at every aspect of the room; windows included. With a fresh coat of paint, perhaps a feature wall of paper, or just a bold colour of paint on the wall. New upholstery to a “loved to death” piece of furniture, luscious new drapes taken higher and wider on the window, a new rug on the floor if new carpet isn’t an option, scatter cushions to co-ordinate with the new upholstery, a custom ottoman for a coffee table. Anything is possible when creating a room that you love to be in.

This process takes time to find the right fit for you. Often, you’ll find your style is reflected in what you have around you. These prompts we take on board in creating the style that will bring you joy. With the abundance of choice of fabrics and wallpapers we have available to you, there’s very little that we wouldn’t be able to achieve.

Book a consultancy session with Melanie today and she will help you determine your style and colour.