Influenced by Art Deco; the use of lush colour, texture and pattern, this project stepped outside the usual comfort zone and came together perfectly.

From the outside, this home presented as a Georgian-style homestead with many windows decorated with ornamental side shutters. The inside colour palette was cream and beige, with the window furnishings traditional in fashion and finish. Today, this home has been completely transformed.

Our client’s style for this home brought influence from a time that I just love; the Art Deco era. Bold and rich in colour with sophisticated design. Interior elements that incorporated brass and geometric patterns recognisable of this time, there were only a few collections that would help complete this interior scheme.

Throughout the home a smoke-grey paint colour grounds each room, however grey needn’t dictate the overall colour palette of the windows. Read on to see how key elements of each room brighten and determine how colour can be added to a window.


The Games Room

Without the tie backs, the drapes have a similar fall to a beautiful ball gown.

Navy blue was the theme for this room. Anchored by the blue velvet of the billiard table with subtle elements of Art Deco design components, the Visage collection from Ashley Wilde was a clear winner for the three windows of this room. With a typical fan design, the silver thread plays and highlights the elegance of this material in different lights from the natural light to the directional lights above the billiard table.

As the window architraves were quite close to the cornice of the ceiling, we took the black decorator tracks directly under the cornice to accentuate the length of each window. The drapes are finished with a deep pinch pleat, again to add proportion to the window. We extended the drapes beyond the window architrave left and right so that when the drapes are open, maximum light streams into the room. As the fabric is quite flamboyant, tailored self-piped tie backs were made to hold the drapes into place. Without the tie backs, the drapes have a similar fall to a beautiful ball gown, which in this room, don’t appear out of place.

Formal Lounge

In particular light, the drapes sparkle, adding movement and elegance that the room demands.

Moving from the games room into the formal lounge, this room beckons relaxation and quiet. Completing comfort, warmth and luxury, we followed the same application for the drapes here as in the games room; cornice to floor with deep pinch pleats onto black decorator tracks.

With a subtle fan design of this cloth, and a hint of gold thread, the choice of fabric mimics the Art Deco style. In particular light – the drapes sparkle – adding movement and elegance that the room demands.

This cloth too has a strong hold and falls full when drawn across the windows. There wasn’t space to extend the drapes beyond the window for clearance due to a bookcase and fireplace centre of the two windows therefore, our custom tie backs came in handy to not only draw the curtains back from the window, but to keep the folds of the drapes in place.

The Library

Across the hall and in a line of sight to the games room, we felt the library would work with the same fabric collection to the games room, this time in a softer palette of gold and silver. The colour choice also works in with the timber furniture and other decorative elements of the room whilst working in well with white architraves and the smoky grey walls.


Beautiful, unique fabric with a subtly iridescent three-dimensional character.

Continuing the Art Deco theme of this home with a soft and elegant fan pattern design by Christian Fischbacher Belle Epoque; my favourite cloth. Subtle and soft to touch, it comes in a range of deep luscious colours, but in this instance, the pearl white tone was a perfect choice for keeping the look clean and bright.

An interesting fact of this cloth is the make-up; the jacquard fabric uses a fine, polyester filament warp and cotton in the weft, complemented by fine stainless steel, giving the surface of the fabric a subtly iridescent three-dimensional character that changes every time light hits it. The mechanical Airo treatment, which uses no chemicals and is environmentally friendly, gives the fabric a soft, voluminous feel.

Keeping it simply simple (K.I.S.S); keeps it simply STUNNING!

Family / Meals Room

The heart of the house.

This space has a beautiful outlook to the back garden of the property and the pool to the alfresco area, however with the large bank of windows insulation and noise was an issue. We wanted to maintain this aspect as light was optimal; creating insulation and controlling the acoustic problem, cotton-lined drapes were the solution.

Cotton lining has the benefit of protecting the face fabric of the drape whilst also allowing a filter of light through to the room when the drapes are drawn. As the family meals area joined to the formal lounge and games room, we again took the drapes to the cornice, however we simplified the treatment using plain tracks rather than decorative as this is a casual living space. A deep reverse pleat finish to the drapes was decided upon, again to simplify the feel of the drapes for a more casual look.