Consideration for the hot, humid Sydney climate was taken into consideration, as well as the original single-glazed windows and traffic noise.

The owners of this single terrace house in the leafy streets of Surry Hills, Sydney upgraded to suit their family and turn it into their home. Basement, ground and two floors; four levels in all.


Moody and broody was the brief for this fabulous cellar/cocktail lounge.

An opulent look and feel; moody and broody was the brief for this fabulous cellar/cocktail lounge and theatre room in the basement of this beautiful home in the leafy suburb of Surry Hills in Sydney.

The drapes are ceiling-to-floor and wall-to-wall and puddling on the floor (60-80mm).
When the curtains are drawn, not only is a television screen revealed, but also the beautiful wallpaper feature behind the screen.

  • Wallpaper is Pavo Parade – Metallic Petrol on Ink by Cole & Sons
  • Drapes are Chateau in Lake by James Dunlop

Master Bedroom

Neutral tones for the master bedroom with linen in soft and calming, classic beige and white.

Block-out curtains were important in the bedrooms for noise and light, with silicon lining; perfect for a hot, humid climate.

We opted for the neat casual look, but dressy too, by making a feature of the tracking system – something classic, but stylish – so went with the Colour Stick option with timber rod with gorgeous Saxon finials, custom painted in Dulux Natural White.

Linen drapes were puddled on the floor (80-100mm)

Drapes are Kyoto in Linen by James Dunlop

Bedroom 2

Pink tones for this bedroom and the beautiful James Dunlop Laconia Air Ballet fabric. Finished in a gathered pencil pleat to give a casual, less formal look also installed onto the custom-painted timber Colour Stick rod with Saxon finials.

Bedroom 3

A little space to accommodate a desk beneath the window, a block-out honeycomb blind within the window recess provides darkness and insulation, whilst the soft aqua of the sheer adds softness to the room.

Again, Laconia Air in River was a colour palette chosen to grow with the daughter of this room.

Kids Sitting Room

A simple picture window, but with the focus of the ball rug in the centre of the room. Working with the green and teal of the rug, Laconia Air in River was again the perfect choice for this room. Finished with the gathered pleating and installed with custom-painted curtain rods, the sheer puddles on the floor with a custom tie back with button trim to co-ordinate back with the room’s décor.