A room used every day by all members of the family. Often this room is overlooked and often underdressed.

There’s water to consider if you have young ones and steam if you have older ones that love to spend forever in there (how long do they need?). Whatever the situation, the bathroom needn’t be forgotten or left bare.

Our go-to practical solution are our shutters. They’re neat, easy to clean, water and steam tolerant and great for ventilation (when the kids remember to open the windows!). Generally installed within the window recess if the window allows, the shutters are hinged which makes for easy access to open and clean the windows. The panels are fixed with little magnets, making them secure so that when the window is open; nothing goes “bump” in the breeze. The blades are super easy to keep clean – no messing around with venetian cords and strings – a simple wipe with a damp cloth and you are done!

If you like a bit of colour and personality to your bathroom, you might like to consider a custom make Roman blind. Bring a dash of colour from one of the many fabrics we have on offer and a simple little window, brings an element of joy and sunshine in the morning. Again, easy to operate with a simple cord lock, they can clear a little window, maximising the light with ventilation during the day.

If you bathroom suffers from the heat and the cold, then perhaps a cordless honeycomb blind is the right suggestion for you. No strings attached, they’re easy to operate, generally tolerant to the water with care and fantastic in keeping this little room warm or cool depending the seasons.

So next time you pass your bathroom – naked, without any dressing – perhaps it could need some loving?. It needn’t cost the earth to do so, and then you too may enjoy spending time in there alone, if you’re able!