In light of the everchanging weather patterns, icy winters and hot summers, it’s a battle to keep our homes efficiently warm and cool. Efficient window treatments can help to keep rising utility bills these in check.

If you’re building a new home glazed with ecological glass, or perhaps double glazing, this is a great start for energy efficiency but it doesn’t start and finish there. Regardless of how eco-friendly your window glass is, having efficient window treatments will work together to keep the weather at bay and maintain the right temperature inside your home.

So! How do we work with the weather? Let’s start from the outside. Awnings. We’ve moved on from lovely mission brown and green stripes of the 60’s (though they are still available!). Today we work mainly with PVC mesh, available in plain colours, but there are stripes available too. PVC mesh is easy to clean as well as being fade and mildew resistant. If you prefer canvas cloth, these are available in plain colours, with either cloth, finished with a Colorbond hood; awnings are a smart looking window treatment.

Outdoor awnings are proven to be the most efficient window dressing for the summer, hands down! Awnings can reduce the inside temperature by up to 10 degrees by preventing the sun and heat from hitting the house and glass. They keep the house cool for the majority of the day whilst we’re out – at school, work or play – or if we’re at home; if the house is cooler when it is time to turn on the air-con, it doesn’t need to work as hard or as long to get the house down to a comfortable temperature.

Awnings are investment for the long term. Once you’ve had them installed, you’ll wonder why you suffered for so many summers without them. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised with how little you need to use your air conditioner too.

Alfresco awnings

Mesh awnings are our most popular outdoor blind and make an attractive addition to your outdoor living area, offering one-way vision from inside while providing complete privacy from the outside. The mesh awning fabric is resistant to fade, mould and mildew.

Available in plain colours or contemporary stripes, the awnings blend attractively with your brick, weatherboard or render and offer 95%-99% UV sun protection.

Canvas awnings

The more conventional canvas awning is still a recurring request with the colour spectrum embracing modern tones.

Available in a range of contemporary or traditional colours and stripes, if you prefer canvas awnings to mesh awnings, we can provide this option for you.

Motorised awnings

Our awnings are manufactured in regional Victoria and installed by our experienced team. There’s a few choice of operations from your traditional spring guide, though to a straight-drop operation. We also have  ZipTrack awnings that are perfect to enclose an alfresco area to create another room that’s enjoyable all year round. Motorisation is also a popular choice for windows up high and in difficult to reach spaces.

Aluminium shutters

Aluminium shutters are perfect for the alfresco area to enhance your outdoor living experience. Available in a range of colours, they can also be custom painted to match your Colorbond shade.

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