Drapes provide great thermal protection, and add depth to a room. All our drapes are custom-made in our workroom here in Bendigo.

Drapes needn’t be of a traditional design and pattern. We have an abundance of beautiful fabrics in our library to choose from. Plain linens to heavy weaves, a printed pattern; detailed, abstract or something Scandi-influenced perhaps? Drapes add character to a room complementing the décor within your home.

Many new homes designs have open and sparce living areas. It’s terrific for light and living, but the problem with this however, is noise. With the hustle and bustle of family life and ascending crescendo of chatter, television, music, games or whatever else can fill the home, drapes will gobble the din extremely well.

Most of the drapes we make are with our silicon block-out lining. This creates a barrier from the weather, protecting the home from the elements. The lining also assists with how your drapes hang, but also protects your fabric from the sun too.

How our drapes are finished, is a detail to be considered. The deep reverse pleated option is a simple approach, a more modern take on the traditional pinch pleated option. The popular soft wave finish is great for modern homes, though they can be applied in traditional homes effectively as well. Sometimes a pelmet is needed to create a dark room – perfect for getting little ones to sleep – or for big ones that do shift work too.

Drapes not only create a dark and cosy room, but they are excellent for keeping the outside noise at bay; again great for shift workers who don’t want to hear their neighbour mowing the lawn!

Plain and simple can work, but you can have fun with them too. Don’t be deterred by the old-fashioned look, there’s definitely a modern take on drapery we can show you.

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