Completing the dress of a window, isn’t always straight forward.

There’s many considerations to be made in order to get the window just right and for the room to work with the home.

There is always the simple approach, but sometimes there are projects that need extra attention, further thought, care and design. We work hard to ensure that everything is considered when completing your room and home.

Our showroom has many types and styles of accent pieces, and we can also source samples and examples for you.


Plain, shaped or trimmed, pelmets are often overlooked but their benefits are quite useful. Pelmets will make a room dark (great for children or shift workers), they’ll keep a room warm or cool, and they’ll complete the look of a traditional window.

Swags & Tails

Not for every home, but for some; for homes of the traditional period, our heritage homes, the swag and tail approach is sometimes the obvious one. Dress them up or down, they add a sense of royalty to a room.

Tassels & Trims

A beautiful trim, tassel or lovely braid, offers the finer touch to a soft window treatment. If you’ve a home that needs to be transported back to a traditional time, a co-ordinating tassel trim to the drapery will certainty add an essence of style to any window and room.

Decorative tracks

How and where your curtains are installed takes thought and process. There are many options as to where a track should be installed not to mention the designs! An important consideration and if you’re not sure, don’t worry we’ll guide you through the process.

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