The glamorous hotel look; this is how a beautiful floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall, soft and billowy sheer curtain can create a room.

Besides this soft and elegant look, the simple sheer has a purpose too. The sheer curtain provides complete privacy to a room during the day. However, don’t forget, the rule of thumb is that what you can see out during the day time, is a clear indication of what can be seen during the night time without block-out protection.

Did you know that during the cooler months of the year – Winter and Spring – the sun is not only low, but when it is out, the beautiful warm winter sun that we welcome into our home, is can also be damaging. Whilst we welcome the winter sun with open windows, the sun’s UV rays are fading our furniture, carpet and discolouring floorboards and sometimes creating the timber to warp. With a sheer across the window, to dapple the winter sun, the sheer is protecting your furnishings from the damage of the sun.

In order to provide complete privacy, darkness and thermal protection, the sheers do require an additional treatment. Behind the sheer we find that a honeycomb blind works tremendously well. Another great thermal product is a block-out silicon lining on a separate track behind the sheer. This opens and closes independently to the sheer creating night time privacy and thermal protection.

Of course, the simple sheer can also be placed behind a block-out lined drape, again to create privacy to the street front or to screen an unsightly fence, whilst the drapes provide the decoration.

With so many beautiful sheer fabrics available not to mention colour – a beautiful hotel room look is certainly achievable – however, we can’t guarantee room service or housekeeping!

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